2018/2019 GTE Chairman’s Report

‘For the times they are a-changin'’  (Bob Dylan 1963).

2018/2019 has been a remarkable year for GTE. Amid a number of changes to staff and board members and fluctuating industry conditions, the organisation continues to thrive. Reflected in the 100% satisfaction rating, the success of GTE is testament to the sustained efforts of the GTE team who support 190 apprentices and trainees, 135 host employers, and a “fully tenanted” facility.

I would like to thank the Field Operations team for their capability to recruit and support apprentices, trainees, and host employers in sufficient numbers to ensure our business base. I appreciate that the ability to do this often comes with the challenge of negotiating the fluidity of industry conditions and environments, whilst keeping abreast of community needs and expectations. This is not an easy task.

The role of the administration staff is not to be underestimated. Their efforts underpin the successful management and functioning of GTE and also ensures a safe and quality environment. Thank you to Rosalie Eustice for ensuring the financial stability of GTE and to Sue Agars for your continued work in the area of Compliance and Work Health and Safety.

The past three months has seen a “changing of the guard” and thus signals an opportunity for evaluation, reflection and perhaps new ideas and directions. After 19 years of outstanding service as General Manager, Mr Brenton Lewis retired. Until his retirement in July, Brenton led, encouraged and supported the GTE team to progress the legacy of GTE; to build the capacity of our community through developing the skills and knowledge of apprentices and trainees across the region and through supporting our host employers to enable their growth and development. Following a competitive process, we were pleased to appoint Mr Greg Megaw to the General Manager position. Greg’s ability to develop and maintain positive external relationships will undoubtedly impact positively on GTE.

Community involvement is a key feature of GTE and as in the past, GTE continues to be supportive of a number of programs and events including Mayor’s Christmas appeal, sponsorship of the South East Secondary Schools Award, TAFE open day and Try-a-Skill event. GTE is also involved in the “Doorways to Construction” program and works in collaboration with Schools to not only promote apprenticeships but to deliver workshops aimed at building employability skills. The annual GTE Awards Night demonstrates the success of apprenticeships and host employers.

The commitment of the GTE Board cannot go unmentioned. The Board is blessed with people who have a wealth of skills, knowledge, and strengths and make for an extremely effective group that oversees a highly successful corporate governance structure. This bodes well for the future. I wish to sincerely thank my fellow Board members for their time and dedication to GTE. I have appreciated your support, passion and insights over the past year. Thank you.

Julie Reis
Chair, GTE

28 September 2019

Rear L-R: Barry Stafford, Ray Herbert (Chairman), Scott Whicker (Deputy Chairman), Ted Jordan, Neil Engler.
Front L-R: Marcy Lopriore, Greg Megaw (General Manager), Julie Reis, Tania Plunkett. 
Inset Left: David Mezinec.
Inset Right: John Woodland.
Absent: Samantha Brown, Paul Jenner.