2022/2023 GTE Chairman’s Report


In the past 12 months, we have done the same, whilst we have continued to look forward for opportunities.

or …….“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values”.

This quotation by the Dalai Lama, currently seems to be very appropriate to GTE.

At GTE we have continued to strive to be the best in our field, whilst embracing and actively exploring better ways of being a leader in the field of Apprentice and Trainee employment.  This has been achieved through the active leadership of the board and its members, always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure our organisation is supported with sufficient and appropriate resources.  Many sincere thanks to the Board team members and in particular to the Executive, David, Judy and Scott for the additional ‘miles travelled’.

The engine room of the organisation is the incredible staff, with captain Greg at the helm and a well drilled team of Field Staff/first officers to engage with our customers in the seas of opportunity, then supported by the Administration Team to navigate, assist and guide the ship.  We have unfortunately farewelled long serving staff in Brad Wilson – Smith, Lincoln Hannett and Caitlin Letizia.  This has created opportunities to welcome aboard Sophie O’Connor, Andrew Cameron and  Rosie French.  The continued sustained growth in host employers, apprentices and trainees, has resulted in the re-engagement of Luke McLaughlin. Recently we were successful in winning a forestry grant to develop opportunities in this very significant local industry.  This has led to the appointment of Andrew Norman.  We have also engaged the services of executive assistant and admin support talents of Alison Cutting, to assist and finesse our current resources and systems.  These staff movements are already paying dividends.  Thank you to all former staff for assisting to grow our organisation and accept our best wishes for your future aspirations.  Welcome to our new staff who will join with our existing talented team, to help shape the passage of our future sailings.

To support our human resources, we have reviewed our Strategic Plan, engaging Louise Stock to assist both Board and Staff to review our plan and hone our compass.  With a sustained administration team input, the pay system was converted to operate electronic time sheets – a huge effort to incorporate many awards and over 300 apprentices and trainees.  Well done to all concerned.  An update of technology hardware was made assisting staff efficiencies.  A review of our computer operating systems is currently underway.

We have upskilled our staff over all levels, including engaging expertise to develop a Field Officer Manual ‘The Road to Engagement’ – thanks Barry.  A successful review of our current and future administration needs and resources was also conducted by Latitude Recruitment.

A significant application for funding has been made for School based trainees, but this is still subject to pending opportunities.  Thanks Judy, for your assistance with this and other submissions.

In a move to support our operations in the upper South East, a review of operations and facilities was conducted by an ad hoc Growth and Development Committee, resulting in the pending purchase of a property at 17 Ormerod Street Naracoorte.  Thank you, members for the ‘addition miles’ yet again.  We look forward to realising the potential of this move.

Thank you, to all who make GTE achieve the success that we work towards.  This includes staff and members of all levels of Government, Local, State and Federal, together with industry and association executives and personnel.  The support of host employers was evidenced at the Annual Awards Night.

Thank you to all Board members, who continue to guide, review, assess and lead the change that GTE needs to become.  I enjoy being part of this exciting, challenging, leading, local community organisation and the difference it makes.


Ray Herbert



08th October 2023


Rear L-R: Judy Nagy, Barry Stafford, David Mezinec, Greg Megaw (General Manager), Scott Whicker (Deputy Chairman), Tania Plunkett.
Front L-R: Samantha Brown, Paul Jenner, Ray Herbert (Chairman).