2021/2022 GTE Chairman’s Report


Wow! What a great organisation, what a year. GTE - 'Great Training Enterprise', as it could be called.

'Be not afraid of greatness - some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.' William Shakespeare

We were born out of need, but we achieve our current status, through perseverance, creativity and service.

This is the second year that we have been affected by unique circumstances. However it has seen us continue to expand and grow in all aspects of our business. We have almost been overwhelmed by the continuing interest in enrolments of apprenticeships and traineeships. This has also seen the growth in new hosts. With all this sustained growth the need has been to grow our staff resource to accommodate the need to serve the employees trainees and apprentices.

We welcomed new Field Officer's Ivan Stuchberry, Rosie French and administration staff member Chrystal Lock with the Naracoorte office now a reality having an effective service base being operated by Ivan Stuchberry.

Like any great ship we need all rowers to be in harmony. A successful corporate planning event was held to review and reset out focus and direction, with participation by staff and Board members with Louise Stock as facilitator.

Whilst the growth in numbers has been met by increased staff, an upgrade of our payroll systems has been implemented with outstanding efficiency. This is to be followed by and increased digitalisation of our field and administration reporting and information databases. Congratulation to all involved in the upgrades.

Congratulations and thanks, to all staff for the continuing belief in what we do in the community, to grow our trade talent base and the flexibility you employ to make that a reality.

With an eye to our internal performance, we initiated the evaluation of the health of the organisation, to identify any current deficiencies, future needs and gaps which may hinder excellent service.

I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust the set of the sails, to always reach my destination' Jimmy Dean

As a community organisation we exist to assist the community. We also gain from our substantial relationships with all levels of government and industry. To those representatives we say sincere thanks.

To the Board of Directors, I thank you sincerely for you enduring participation, creative thinking and wise counsel, that is shared to maintain a vital, creative and meaningful organisation, building talents to grow our community. Many hours have been committed over the past year to keep ahead of the challenges.

Special thanks to Deputy Chair Scott for his experience and generous counsel.

Special thanks is tendered to retiring Directors John Woodland for 32yrs service, 15yrs as Chairman and to Ted Jordan 22yrs service and 2yrs as Chairman. In addition I thank Neil Engler, who has added his stamp to our organisation with credible projects of the Naracoorte office and community reinvestment to name a couple during his 2 terms. Thank you and enjoy your retirement and future pursuits

As we rest our sails, we chart our new destiny, facing any change in winds direction.

'It is the set of the sails not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go' Jim Rohn

It is a pleasure to have served our community through GTE.

Ray Herbert

Chairman 2021-22

Rear L-R: Barry Stafford, Ray Herbert (Chairman), Scott Whicker (Deputy Chairman), Ted Jordan, Neil Engler.
Front L-R: Marcy Lopriore, Greg Megaw (General Manager), Julie Reis, Tania Plunkett. 
Inset Left: David Mezinec.
Inset Right: John Woodland.
Absent: Samantha Brown, Paul Jenner.