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Register with Group Training Employment

Registering with GTE is as easy as filling out the registration form and attaching a copy of your current resume in Word or PDF format. Or you could call into the office and do it in person.

Once you are registered you will receive text notifications to your mobile phone advising you of any vacancies we are recruiting for. Simply ignore the ones you aren’t interested in and follow up on the ones you are. When looking for an Apprenticeship or Traineeship it is important to keep your contact information on our system current so you don’t miss any updates.

If you no longer wish to receive the text notifications, just email your full name to and you will be removed from the database.
It’s that simple.

GTE Apprentices and Trainees enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to employment opportunities within our extensive Host Employer network.
  • Assistance, advice and support from your very own GTE Field Officer.
  • The ability to earn while you learn.
  • Access to the GTE interest free tool loan.
  • Being kept up to date on any additional government funding or benefits available to you.

Application Form

Please note: In order to register with Group Training Employment, you must attach a current resume.

Please select the type of Apprenticeship / Traineeship you are interested in *
What type of employment / industry are you most interested in?
Please choose 3 industries ONLY in order of preference
Refrigeration Mechanic
Engineering - Fabrication, Machining, Sheetmetal, etc
Automotive - Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic
Information Technology
Painting, Plastering, Tiling
Warehousing / Storage / Spare Parts Interpreting, etc
Panel Beater, Spray Painter
Agriculture / Farming / Horticulture
Cook / Hospitality
Forestry Harvesting
Applicant's Declaration
I declare that all the information contained in this application and the enclosed resume is complete and correct. I further declare that I am legally able to work in Australia. I understand that Group Training Employment has the right to verify all information contained herein and that any false statements or deliberate omissions will be considered sufficient cause for my rejection as an applicant or my dismissal if employed. I also give permission for GTE to pass on my name, application and contact details to prospective Employers and to other employment agencies.

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